Mental Performance Coach

Ignacio Segovia

I'm a Mental Performance Coach specializing in athletes and business mental toughness. My mission is to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.


My methods

Behavioral Sciences

In Behavioral Science, we examine people's thoughts, motivations, context, and habits.

Sport Psychology

Sport psychology is the study of how psychological factors impact athletes' performance, behavior, and well-being.


Applying science to social & psychological aspects of athletic performance.


Sports hypnosis is the application of hypnosis to enhance sports performance and help athletes reach peak performance.


Team Talks

man standing in front of group of men
man standing in front of group of men

Sport team talks are motivational speeches, knowledge sharing, and activities for mental toughness training to help athletes increase their confidence and focus. Coaches and parents are welcome to participate.

$ 50 per hour


Mental Performance Coaching

two woman sits on sofa chairs inside house
two woman sits on sofa chairs inside house

As a Mental Performance Coach, I help athletes increase confidence, develop a winning attitude, and maximize their performance. My process begins with an assessment to gauge current stress levels and identify areas for growth. I then set realistic goals and provide tools to achieve them.

$ 150 per hour

Build your own dreams

Are you struggling to reach your goals? Mental performance coaching can help you take your life to the next level. With skilled guidance, you can gain clarity and focus on what matters most, so that you can reach new heights of success. Let us help you unlock your true potential today.

Genesis C.

I recommend Ignacio Segovia without hesitation - he is highly professional and certified in all his processes. Making the decision to work with him and having faith that the process of change you desire will come will help you out of your current situation. I can say this from experience. I overcame my anxiety and depression and became someone new. I live in tranquility, learning, and spiritual connection through breathing, habits I acquired step by step after deciding to make a change for myself.

Ana R.

”I am so grateful that Ignacio Segovia invited me to be part of this great program. His guidance, vision, and energy inspire a world under the message of Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." I have had some tough challenges in the past few weeks, but my coach was my ally in achieving my goals. I am infinitely grateful for the support and empathy. I thank Ignacio Segovia for the opportunity to improve as a person and for helping me discover my true passions.”

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